TBT USA Tooling

TBT Single Flute Carbide Tipped Gundrills

Ø0.8 mm to Ø42 mm
Ø0.0315 in. to Ø1.650 in.

  • Solid carbide
  • Carbide tipped
  • High speed deep hole drills

Kadia-TBT USA Stock Gundrills

Solid carbide:

  • Ø1.397 mm to Ø3.175 mm.
  • Ø0.055 in. to Ø0.125 in.

Single flute, carbide tipped:

  • Ø1.98 mm to Ø25.4 mm.
  • Ø0.078 in. to Ø1.00 in.

Download Kadia-TBT Solid Carbide Stock List
Download Kadia-TBT Carbide Tipped Stock List

TBT Indexable Gundrills

Ø12 mm to Ø28 mm
Ø0.47 in. to Ø1.1 in.

  • Improved cutting speed
  • Improved surface finish
  • Excellent for drilling thru cross-holes
  • Replaceable wear parts
  • No regrinding required

Download Indexable Drill Brochure

TBT High Speed Gundrills

Download High Speed Drill Brochure