Customization For Better Honing

As worldwide pioneer in the use of direct drive technologies for honing, we have converted all KADIA machines to the patented LH (lean high-speed) system. These honing units combine compact construction with highly-dynamic direct drives both for linear stroking and for rotation, together with an ultra high-precision hone expansion motor.

For optimal results, we adapt the machines individually to your specific requirements. For this purpose, we build our systems from standardized modular units and integrate all essential peripheral devices. This saves both time and money and simplifies start-up. “Plug and Hone” is our name for this method.

Whether single-spindle or multi-spindle systems in transfer, NC or rotary table versions, with pre-gaging, in-process gaging or high-precision post-process gaging, whether with upstream, intermediate or downstream deburring … a large number of possible combinations can be implemented.

All KADIA honing machines operate on the basis of the “keyhole principle”. Workpieces leave the machine after processing in exactly the same position in which they were fed into the machine. This reduces the complexity and cost of an additional handling system, all our machines conform to the latest state of the art and also of course to the outstanding KADIA quality.

Kadia Honing Machine

  • More Productivity
  • More Reliability
  • More Precision


Perfect for small to medium batch sizes

Our single-spindle honing machines are systematically tailored to the needs of precision manufacturers with small to medium production batch sizes.

These machines are ideal when frequent tool and workpiece changes are necessary. They provide the latest world-leading honing technology and combine high precision with outstanding flexibility. Key features:

  • Designed to produce diameters, geometries and surfaces in the 0.1 micron range.
  • Standard designs with honing, gaging and deburring stations, rotary index table and KADIA honing controller
  • Manual or automatic workpiece loading.

KADIA single-spindle honing machines – simply successful.

Kadia Single Spindle Honing Machines


The Best Machines For Dealing With High Volume Output

Our multi-spindle honing machines have an excellent reputation worldwide and are always in demand when “high-class mass production” is required. KADIA machines combine ultra-fine precision with enormous productivity in industrial-scale manufacturing. The appropriate mix and arrangement of our standard modules enables the optimal solution to be implemented for each application. Key features:

  • Designed for process capable volume production of high-precision products
  • Accuracies in the 0.1 micron range can be attained for diameters, geometries and surfaces
  • Extremely high productivity through automated loading and unloading
  • Can be configured to meet specific requirements (depending on the upstream machining/processing methods and the desired result)
    • Inline transfer with any number of honing stations
    • Rotary index table with up to four honing stations
    • Pre-checking or pre-gaging system for monitoring incoming workpiece quality
    • Post-process gaging stations with feedback control
    • Deburring stations can be integrated as required

Possibility of particularly economical match honing, as replacement for match grinding of the plunger. The bore is honed precisely to the dimensions of the corresponding plunger.

KADIA multi-spindle honing machines – no equivalent can offer more advantages.

Kadia USA

Example Machine
5-spindle machine with inline pallet transfer for match honing and with integral loading cell.

  • Automatic loading/unloading
  • Piston gaging
  • Cleaning
  • 5 x honing
  • 5 x post-process gaging
  • 1 x intermediate deburring, 1 x finish deburring
  • Blow-off

Kadia Honing and Deburring

Example Machine
3-spindle machine with rotary index table, prepared for automatic loading by robot cells.

  • Manual or automatic loading/unloading
  • Pre-honing, intermediate honing, finish honing
  • 3x post-process gaging
  • Deburring


Proven technology – for every need

KADIA deburring machines have been integral to full-scale industrial production at customer plants all over the world for many years. The successful results speak for themselves, since our machines, built to automotive industry specifications, provide consistent machining quality with maximum availability.

Also, given that each workpiece and each manufacturing process makes its own demands on the deburring machine, we develop specific solutions for individual customers – precisely customized to particular part geometries and machining processes.

For more information, please visit: http://kadia.de/

Kadia USA

Kadia Deburring Machinery

Custom designed and built for every requirement